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Sena Global Otelcilik Ticaret A.S. serving under the title of ” Berry As “Hotels ”, we place some cookies on devices in order to provide convenience to the user visiting our website, to improve the functioning, and to provide the most relevant services. This Cookie Policy has been prepared to inform you about cookies and how to control cookies.


A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer or mobile device via your browser when you visit a site. Cookies allow a site to work more efficiently, as well as to provide personalized pages in order to provide a more convenient and faster visit experience for your personal needs. Cookies only contain information about your visit history on the internet and do not collect any information about the files stored on your computer or mobile device.


There are two types of cookies, Persistent Cookie and Temporary Cookie, according to their validity periods. Temporary cookies are created while visiting the website and are only valid until you close your browser. Persistent cookies are created when you visit the website and remain until you delete them or expire. Persistent cookies are used for operations such as providing a personalized experience compatible with your settings.

Types of cookies and their intended use are described below.

  1. a) Necessary Cookies

These types of cookies are strictly necessary for our website to work securely, for users to act on our website and to benefit from the services and features provided. Such cookies are essential for our website to work and cannot be disabled by users.

Cookie Function



Session cookies are used to ensure the continuity of the session.

User ID

User ID cookies are used for users to see only their own information.


Security cookies are used for security checks.

Load Balancing

Load balancing cookies are used to reduce server load by distributing the load.


  1. b) Preference and Functionality Cookies

Preference cookies collect information about users’ preferences. It allows us to remember other locale settings of users, such as language or preferred region or automatically login username and password, and personalize our site to suit users. Such cookies may be set by us or by third-party providers whose services you have added to your pages. Some or all of these functions may not work properly if users disable such cookies.

Cookie Function



It saves the language selected by the user and offers options accordingly.


It enables the approximate address (city, county, zip code) to be determined by the user’s IP address, and the user to automatically select his own country in this way, and to show the dealers and promotion days in that region.

source site

The source site is saved so that the user’s preferences can be better understood.

Last visit and departure

It is used to update users on what has changed since their last visit to our site and to better understand users’ preferences.

Page History

Page history cookies are used to keep track of which sites users visit in which order. If the user encounters an error when visiting the site, the cookie information is recorded in the log file for error reporting and resolution.


  1. c) Analytical Cookies

Statistics cookies, also known as marketing cookies, are about how the website is used, which pages are visited or which links are used. None of this information is used to identify you. All of this information is in aggregate form and is also anonymous. The main purpose of these cookies is to ensure the development of the website and may also contain 3rd party analytical cookies, albeit specific to the website. For example, these types of cookies show which pages are visited the most on the site and help to record the difficulties experienced within the site.

Cookie Function


Yandex Metrica analytics

Such cookies enable the collection of all statistical data, thereby improving the presentation and use of the site.

Google analytics

Such cookies enable the collection of all statistical data, thereby improving the presentation and use of the site. By adding social statistics and interest data to these statistics, Google helps us better understand users.

Google Tag Manager

Web beacons work similarly to cookies and are placed on websites or in an email to track the behavior of a user visiting a website or sending an email.



Data is collected through your devices from which you access browsers. This collected information is device specific. It can be deleted by the user at any time and access to information can be closed.


Your privacy is important to us, your privacy and security rights are our basic principle. In this context, you can access the clarification text on the protection of personal data here.


You can delete the cookies already on your computer and prevent the saving/placement of cookies on your internet browser.

Internet browsers are predefined to automatically accept cookies. Since managing cookies differs from browser to browser, you can refer to the help menu of the browser or application for detailed information.

For example;

“Google Chrome – > Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy and Security -> Site Settings -> Cookies and Site Data -> Allow sites to save and read cookie data”

option .

“Internet Explorer – > Settings -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced settings” .

Most internet browsers allow you to:

  • View and delete saved cookies
  • Blocking third-party cookies
  • Blocking cookies from certain sites
  • Block all cookies
  • Deleting all cookies when you close the browser

If you choose to delete cookies, your preferences on the relevant website will be deleted. Also, if you prefer to block cookies completely, Regnum Many websites and digital platforms, including Carya’s websites, may not work properly.

Control Cookies on Your Mobile Device ;

On Apple Devices;

  • You can clear your browsing history and cookies with the steps ” Settings – > Safari -> Clear History and Website Data” .
  • ” Settings – > Safari -> Advanced -> Website Data -> Delete All Website Data” to delete cookies and keep your history .
  • If you do not want historical data to be kept while visiting the sites;
    • You can activate private browsing by following the steps ” Safari – > new tab -> Private -> Done” .
  • You can block cookies by going to ” Settings – > Safari -> Block All Cookies” . However; Some websites and features may not work properly when you block cookies.

Android Devices;

  • ” Chrome app – > Settings -> Privacy -> Clear browsing data -> Cookies, media licenses and site data -> Clear data” option to clear your cookies .
  • ” Chrome Application – > Settings -> Site Settings -> Cookies” You can allow or block cookies.

You can contact us via [email protected] for all your questions, comments and suggestions .